Why we have this Process

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) measures how likely it is that a customer will promote our product to a friend. This is measured through a simple survey question "How likely are you to recommend our product to your friends or colleagues" on a 0-10 scale plus a short open feedback question "What is your mean reason for giving this score?". 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor NPS detractors

It is very important to us to monitor and improve our NPS score because:

Loyalty leaders experience more growth over time

Context and Scope

NPS surveying is an ongoing Product Management process that for the most part feeds into the Discovery processes. It provides the discovery processes with information on what customer segments are (dis)satisfied, the cause of it and feedback by changes in satisfaction after a new feature was released. 

When should the process be performed?

Surveys are triggered (shown in-app or sent via email) on a schedule:

  1. The first survey should be triggered shortly after a new customer signed up and had some time to use the service (i.e. after 2 days). The more advanced version of this is: 1 hour after the user has achieved some value from your service (i.e. booked a room) or after 5 days after registering, whatever comes first
  2. The next surveys should be send every 3 - 6 months. 

Who performs the process

Who performs the process: Product Manager (with help of a tool)
Who is monitors if process is done (correctly): Head of Product

Process steps

Setup steps:

  1. Configure the tool as shown below
  2. Get the development team to implement the javascript code  and add the traits as described below
  3. Configure zapier integration to send an email to customer support for very low scores

NPS Monitoring:

  1. Monitor weekly NPS email and comments. Add recurring feedback to the customer feedback wiki. 
  2. Every quarter do a deep dive into the scores, drill down per segment (i.e. country, subscription type, etc) to discover patterns. 

Tool we use & Configuration

We use Satismeter because:


We use this configuration:

Traits (for Customer Segmentation)

Satismeter calls customer properties "traits". These are great to drill down on what customer segments are unhappy. Some of these traits work out of the box like location, but you can also add your own from your product when you are calling their javascript (examples below marked with *) :


How to present NPS scores to management?

First of all collect at least a month of data, as NPS scores fluctuate a lot in the first weeks. Then I would plan a first presentation of the score. In this presentation:

After this presentation I would include the whole C-suite in the tool so they get a weekly summary of the NPS score. 

Further reading

NPS and company growth: http://www.netpromotersystem.com/about/how-is-nps-related-to-growth.aspx



Appendix A : NPS scores by industryGerelateerde afbeelding

Appendix B: Satismeter dashboard

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