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A Template for Google Sheets (and Excel, via download) can be found here.

ThemeSubscribe to Fruit BasketTitle of the Roadmap theme. Use the same title formatting rules as defined for user stories here.
SolutionCustomer can Subscribe to a weekly fruit basket. We'll start with one product: a fruit basket (fixed composition and size) but the customer can place an order for multiple baskets. When ordering a subscription he pays for the next week in advance.High-level solution direction. This is not set in stone but makes the theme more tangible to the reader.
Score79%Theme score. Higher is better. Formula = 10.000 * (Reach * User Need * LTV incr. * Goal alignm. * Confidence) / Effort.

Reach20%What percentage of our monthly unique logged in users will this effect (i.e. will use or buy this)?
User Need30%How strong is the user need, how important is this to current and future users? (0-100%). Calculated as: Importance score from survey minus Satisfaction with current solution score.
LTV increase150%

How much percent will it increase our affect Life Time Value (LTV), a.k.a. our profits per (using/buying) customer?

  1. Will it increase revenues per order? (basket size)?
  2. Will it increase our profit margin? (reduce cost per order / reduce CAC)?

  3. Will it increase orders per year (purchase cycle)?

  4. Will it increase the customer growth?

  5. Will it reduce churn/increase customer lifespan?

Example: In case you expect 50% bigger order size and twice the amount of orders per customer the LTV increase would be: 100 * 1.5 * 2 = 300%
Goal Alignment100%How well does this theme align with our Product Vision and OKR's? (0-100%)
Confidence70%How sure are we that we estimated all the above correctly? (0-100%)
Effort80Estimate of the effort by the team in Project Points
Effort in team weeks6.5Effort in weeks based on the current team size and productivity

Supporting dataIn a survey 35% said they would order the fruit basket, and using a test via email and a simple form 25% tried to buy our fake offer. Support said this is in their top 5 of most requested features. When visiting 30 companies about 25% had a fruit basket subscription.Data collected from Learning and experimentation.
CommentsWe want to keep the initial implementation as simple as possible, so the customer cannot choose the delivery day(s) (it's always Monday after 10am) and we'll only have one product/basket for now. The customer can only pay by creditcard in advance and is charged weekly.Comments.

Note that many of the scoring parameters lack a hard definition of how to score them. One can either define a harder definition or accept a partly subjective scoring which is consistently applied across themes (which is easier). 

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