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Goals for Q4 2018

Company level Objectives

Product  Objectives  – Product X

Team level Objectives  – PM & Design team

  • We ensure development doesn't run out of work with a Backlog filled with enough work for all developers (KR: At the start of every week at least 3 weeks of ready stories for X developers). (Team Productivity)
  • We become more focused and productive
    • Objectives and Key Results set for the team and for all team members.
    • Scrum Process implemented for Design process (Boards/statuses/weekly meeting/demo. Not yet: Retro's, planning meetings, design standup)

  • We spend time live with customers to better understand customer needs and gathering (usability) feedback. Every team member spend at least 1 hours every 2 weeks 
    • Setting up customer panel and weekly live customer session
  • We base our priorities more on financial results and support our prioritization decisions with data gathered from customers
    • We create and finish Business cases for top 2-3 new theme's  we're seriously considering well in time (KR: 4 weeks before we the considered start date of any new Theme (i.e. hourlies))
    • Quick Bug triage process to more quickly prioritize bugs (and later also business blockers)
    • Development of a Roadmap prioritization process. 
  • Development of a Discovery process (stretch goal). 

Later / Stretch

  • Implement Discovery processes structurally better understand customers (i.e. customer panel, JTBD need interviews, etc)
  • A/B testing tool selected and implemented and some integration with Marketplace done
  • Backlog and actual work are according to the agreed time boxes

Team level Objectives  – Development

  • ....

Team level Objectives  – Marketing

  • ....

Team level Objectives  – Sales

  • ...

Team level Objectives  – Support

  • ...

Team level Objectives  – HR

  • ...

Individual Objectives and Key Results - Q3

See subpages. 

Goals for Next 12 Months

Company level Objectives


Can I have a measure in an objective, i.e. "5 customers per day"?

Yes, it's OK and allowed. But you also need to add measurable Key Results ("deliverables") at the lowest individual level, i.e. "Do 20 Sales calls this week" / "Write this design". Measurable that progress on it can be tracked on a 0-100% scale and that there is no discussion possible about how many % is done (i.e. 10 calls are 50%, and if the design is half done, then for OKR it's 0% done). 

What if I'm not sure if my team or personal objective will reach the higher level objective?

It doesn't matter: You will only be held accountable for whatever objective you set, not if the higher level goal (although your manager will probably challenge very unambitious objectives (wink) or objectives that seem unrelated to the higher level objective) 

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