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Product DesignFree with Paid Additions
Culture-Driven Team BuildingAudit for free, $49/month for the specialization
Successful Negotiation: Essential SkillsAudit for free, verified certificate for $49
Financial Decision MakingAudit for Free, verified certificate for $249
Finance Essentials for MBA StudentsAudit for free, verified certificate for $49
Digital Strategy and ActionAudit for free, verified certificate for $49
Price and Promotion AnalyticsFree or verified certificate for $199
App MarketingFree
Building Your Team30-day free trial, then $20-30/month
Coaching Skills for Managers SpecializationFree for 7 days, then $49/ month
Negotiation Skills TutorialFree for 7-day trial, $20-30/month for Lynda subscription
Developing Data ProductsFree for 7 days, then $49/month
Digital Product Management: Modern FundamentalsPaid
Machine LearningPaid
Deep Learning for BusinessPaid
Product Management and Marketing: PersonasPaid
Customer AnalyticsPaid
Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision MakingPaid
The Importance of ListeningPaid
Knowledge Management and Big Data in BusinessPaid
Testing with AgilePaid
Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger TechnologiesPaid
New Manager's 5-week Success SystemPaid
IoT PM Certificate ProgramPaid
Wisconsin School of Business - Application Brand and Product ManagementPaid
Product Institute Paid
Product Innovation EducatorsPaid
Department of ProductPaid
Introduction to Product ManagementFree

Formal Degree Programs (Paid)

Formal Executive Programs (Paid)

MOOCs (Free)

Product Management Bootcamps (Paid)

Online courses (Paid)

In-person courses (Paid)

Product Owner Certifications (Paid)

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