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High-Level Solution Direction

  • User is able to register for the system. Email will be used a username.
  • User will be Logging In with username/password credentials which have been provided on the registration screen
  • User should be able to restore password in case if it was forgotten/lost
  • System must validate the correctness of the entered data
  • Only users with an activated profile may be able to get access to the system

Relevant High-Level Feature Discussion pages

(these pages are used to discuss features before design has started)

Sign In page

Success Criteria

  • User should be able to register a new account in the system
  • User should enter registered username/password to be authorized into the system
  • User cannot be authorized if the entered data are non-valid/with an incorrect format
  • User cannot proceed to authorization with no data entered
  • User with the deactivated profile cannot be authorized
  • In case if the user forgot/lost password, the system must provide an option to restore it
  • To restore the password user’s account must be activated 
  • To restore the password user’s email must be registered in the system
  • System should send restore password link to the user's email
  • The link should be valid within 24 hours from the sending date/time
  • To be able to change a password, a user must enter & confirm  the new password
  • , unless the username already exists. 
    • Email will be used a username.
    • Only valid email addresses are accepted as a username
  • User should able to login with the new account system
  • User can change a forgotten password via an 'change password link' sent to his email

Not in a scope / Later / Ideas

  • User can be authorized via a Gmail account
  • User can be authorized via a Facebook account
  • User can use remember my credentials option
  • User cannot reset a password with old/already in use password
  • After 5 (Five) unsuccessful LogIn attempts, the user account should be blocked
  • To unlock the account user must contact the system admin

Andrei Skryabin  improvement points:




User Journey

StepDesignsUser StoriesDesign DoneOpen Issues 
1User's registration flow

3Send confirmation email


User's authorization flow


See Issue 01 about FB login.


Forgot password flow



Restore password -send a confirmation email



Restore password link expiration period