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  • Title  - I.e. View Authors. 
  • Description containing:
    • Full User story - i.e. As a Blog Administrator I want to see all Authors so I know who has access to Blog Writing functionality
    • Link to clickable Design - i.e.
    • A table with texts that are not visible, i.e. error messages in the primary language of the app (Responsibility of the UXUI Designer)
    • Other information that will help both stakeholders and the team understand the user need.
    • Acceptance criteria (See: Writing Acceptance Criteria). Limit yourself to circa 1-3 acceptance criteria the cover the most important outcomes of the story (not the function, i.e. not which fields should be mandatory, default values, etc)
    • Detailled requirements. If needed, detailed requirements. Do not include things that can be seen in the UI Design (i.e. which fields/buttons are present). You can include details like which fields are mandatory (if not clear from i.e. data definition table) or what their default values are. An example requirement is: The email address should be validated against ISO-1234.