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Who performs the process: UX Designer
Who monitors if the process is done (correctly): Head of Product
Who participates in the process: PM, sample of developer(s)/testers(s)/other colleague(s) (max 3). 

Process steps

  1. Prepare the test goal, plan test days,  tools, using this template Prep: Overview & Participants . Plan User Test days (recommendation: Fixed day(s) every 1 or 2 sprints)
  2. Determine Test goalshypothesis, i.e. what Epics to test and/or what to interview users about. , using this template: Prep: Hypotheses To Test (tip: Start a Topics to test backlog)
  3. Recruit testers, i.e. mail your Customer Panel or customers (see FAQ below for more tips).
  4. Schedule tests with the users (90 minutes recommended. Offer them timeslots via )
  5. Prepare a the User Test (see template below), see section "Prepare User test" below.
  6. Run a User test (see below)
  7. Store your detailed findings on the wiki. 
  8. Summarize and share your findings with the team.test, see section "Run a User test" below.
  9. Summarize and share your findings with the team, using this template: After: Test Round Conclusion Template


Please note the many templates linked in the process above. You can also find them in the menu to the left, as subpages of this page.


  • What we are doing today is all about how easy we have made it for people to use the app/site.
  • There is no right or wrong answer. If you have any questions, comments or areas of confusion while you are working, please let me know.
  • If you ever feel that you are lost or cannot complete a scenario with the information that you have been given, please let me know. I’ll ask you what you might do in a real-world setting and then either put you on the right track or move you on to the next scenario.
  • We will be recording this session for reference if needed. Your name will not be associated or reported with data or findings from this evaluation. Do I have your permission to do so?  (after that, start recording) Finally, as you use the site, please do so as you would at home or your office.  I do ask that when looking for information, you do so as quickly and as accurately as you can.

Do you have any questions before we begin?

An alternative shorter version of intro script:

  • Explain they can't do anything wrong
  • Explain we want honest opinions, don’t worry about hurting our feelings
  • Explain that they are testing a prototype
  • Explain to really click on things, but not everything works, but we want to learn so it's good
  • Explain to think out loud
  • Explain the role of the user   - You can also put this on the tester handout.
  • Explain the task of the user - You can also put this on the tester handout.
  • Handout the Scenario Tester handout.
  • Cover up tasks 2 and further (we reveal them 1 by 1).
  • Ask the user to read and start with task 1 afterwardand as accurately as you can.

Do you have any questions before we begin?

Two alternative intro scripts can be found here.

Scenario Specific Script

Scenario 1 

The process to be used during the actual test when the tester has arrived. 


Introduction of what the user is going to do.

Task 1

PagesHomepage, Page X, Page Y. (all the pages/screens you prepared. Include links to all pages, or alternatively only to the first page if all other pages are clickable from the first page). 
StoryYou just installed the app and want to try it out. Or: You are a recurring user, and you have setup the system to import your google contacts and you flagged certain contacts as high prio. 
Instruction Try to login to the system. Please remember to think out loud. 
After task questions
  1. What would you do now since the password is not working?
  2. Was there anything in the system that confused you or took a bit longer to understand? Did the system behave as you expected?

Task 2

PagesLogin page, forgot password page, change password page, dashboard

The correct password is the one we gave you plus a 0 at the end. Log in to the system and tell us your first impression. If any questions or any concerns let us know. Do not yet Edit or Add something yet.

After task questions
  1. On the To-do screen, in the top right, there are some icons. What do you think they do?
  2. On the left menu, there are toggles labeled Business and Privat. What do you think they do?
  3. What would you click if you wanted to change your password?

Task 3


After task questions

User Interview questions (Agenda point 5)