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I highly recommend implementing all these productivity hacks:

  • Every day create a new todolist with 2 columns:
    • Left column: Top 3 important tasks for the day (what will bring most business results)
    • Right column: Smaller tasks that are less valuable/strategic
  • Every week start with a new blank week plan 
  • Disable all notifications (except i.e. whatsapp) on both your pc and mobile phone, these are a true productivity killer and design to suck you in and just seeing them costs you 1 minute of your life in task switching time. 
    • Email notifications (also on your phone)
    • Facebook (on your phone)
    • Slack popup (the taskbar will still show number of unread messages)
    • Sneaky notifications, i.e. the unread email count on the chrome tab was a real killer for me (plugin to hide it, or even better use inboxwhenready, see the next sentence). 
    • As you probably have to go into your email to mail people, I recommend hiding mails in your inbox with InboxWhenReady. These last 2 points really won me so much productive hours.
  • Email productivity
    • Always close your email tab (or client) after you're done emailing
    • Only process your email two or three times a day
    • Process all mails right away, 1 minute per mail. If processing takes more than 1 minute, park it on a todolist (either in the plans for nextweek section to consider, or in your planned for this week section if it's urgent).
    • Have a plugin like InboxWhenReady that allows you to compose a new mail without seeing new emails (or for outlook: a link to create new mail).
    • Use Rightinbox to remind you of people who didn't answer an email, instead of keeping the emails in your inbox 
  • Measure how much time you spend on unproductive sites using a plugin like Rescuetime
  • Put a 5-10 minute limit on unproductive sites like Facebook, your favorite news site, etc using a tool like Stayfocused
  • Use a Todo list manager , I personally prefer Toodledo , others prefer Microsoft Todo
  • Install Adblock and Adblock for youtube. 
  • Create and upload a annotated screenshot of a part of your screen in 3 seconds with Greenshot (windows). 
  • Stop filling registration and login forms and use a tool like Lastpass, it's worth the 11 Euro per year.
  • Put frequently used sites in your chrome quick launch bookmarks bar (the one you see below the address bar).  I.e.:
    • PM wiki
    • Your most used JIRA boards
    • Gmail
    • Google calender
    • Link to your task list

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