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Image result for personal okr examples

Image result for personal okr examples

Image result for personal okr examples

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Image result for okr examples

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Image result for okr hierarchy


On MT level: How will you contribute to the Objectives of the Company?

On team level: How will you contribute to the Objectives of the Team?

On team level: What measurable key results will you Mr. Foobar deliver to move this objective forward. 

For 1 on 1's also ask:

What competencies do you want to develop (to become a full-fledged PM/UX/Tester): 

  • Hard skills (i.e. knowledge of PM techniques)
  • Soft skills (competences, i.e. email communication, planning) 

Web sources:




Long detailed list of examples:

Template with some examples: 

Few more resources and templates in bookmarks

OKR software, see bookmarks folder OKRtools

OKR step by step guide

Randstad method

Person: ... Date: ....


Long term: Strategy/direction:


Long term: Ambition / personal mission:


Short term: Business goals / KPI’s:


Short term: Personal development goals:


Business results

Long term (Strategy/direction)

  • Is the strategy of the organization clear? Why (not)?

  • What do you do to get direction from your team lead?

  • How does your department contribute to the organization goals and strategy?

  • What is important in the development of your department to keep contributing to the organizational strategy?

Short term (goals/objectives and KPI’s)

  • Are you doing things all right? And are you doing the right things?

  • How do your KPI’s contribute to the goals of the organization?

  • How about the progress on your business results?

    • What do you need to improve?

    • What best practices do you have to share?

  • What is keeping you busy business wise? Why?

Personal development

Long term (ambition/personal mission)

  • What drives you?

  • What is important to you in your work?

  • What do you want to achieve professionally?

  • Where do you wanna be in 3 years?

  • Do you experience any opportunities to grow in your current work/job??

Short term (personal goals)

  • What is your strength/talent? How do you use it to accomplish business results?

  • What is your contribution to the team? What can others on the team learn from you?

  • Which knowledge do you need in order to reach the business goals and what knowledge do you already have?

  • What do you want to develop further? What do you need for that? What resources can you use for this? What can you learn from your colleagues?

  • What competencies do you need to develop in order to achieve your business goals? And what competencies in order to reach your personal development goals?

  • How are you going to develop these competencies? What do you need?

    • What projects or tasks would you like to do in order to develop?

    • Which colleagues can help you develop?

    • What do you need from your team lead and/or the organization?

  • What latest feedback you received has put you into action or set you to think? What are you doing with that towards the future?

  • What gives you a lot of energy in your job? What doesn’t? How do you handle those energy workers? How can we add energy providers?

Real world example for a Berlin eCommerce company (not all great KR's...)

Become a Leader in Omni-Channel eCommerce Software

Objectives & Key Results:

Deliver the basic functionality of a generic Enterprise eCommerce platform
- The current feature set within the API is also available in the merchant center
- Increase the number of heavy users of MC by 100%
- Increase the number of completed orders on the platform by 100%

Deliver the core PIM and Marketplace
- Position on the PIM Market, the no 1 reference for PIM and Marketplace
- 5 Enterprise customers on PIM
- Postively mentioned on Forrester Wave

Enable the customer care team to create orders on behalf of our customers
- Five MC customers are using their customer care team to create and manage orders
- Merchant centeris the first point of contact for all customers
- Industry approval as the most usable interface on the market.

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