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Status:  ACTIVE

Why we have this Process & its Goals

Meetings cost time for all participants so we have to use our time efficiently. 

Meetings should move the company forward and therefor should be more than just "alignment" or "shared understanding" , but at least also produce output in the form of Decisions and/or next steps. 

When to do this process

Every meeting, by the meeting organizer. 

Process flow

Meeting invites

  • Make sure the goal of the meeting is very clear in the title and meeting description. 
  • Don't forget to book the room too.

Conducting the meeting

  • Make sure that during the meeting you produce output in the form of Decisions and/or next steps that everybody agrees on. Easiest way to do this is to write these steps down, repeat them to the group (or show on screen) and check if everybody agrees.
  • For next steps ensure you include
    • What needs to be done (SMART)
    • Who will do it (1 person, not multiple)
    • Deadline (i.e. EOB thursday, or end of next week)