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Epic's are large blocks of work around 1 theme, i.e. mini projects, i.e. "Allow project payment by hour". They are used to collect all relevant information around this theme. Although normally we will only start to write epics once it has been decided to proceed with a certain idea, it's also totally fine to already start an epic to "park" relevant inputs somewhere. Anyone can start and write an epic, although a short consultation with a Product Manager is recommended.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create epic wiki page under the right category in the wiki
  2. Add information
  3. Once the MT has approved starting the Design on this Epic ,the Product Manager will take over and take the next steps.
  4. Analyze relevant existing systems/processes (stored on analysis sub page)
  5. Analyze how competitors tackle the problem. Also consider non competitors who have similar features. (stored on analysis sub page)
  6. Talk to all relevant stakeholders to gather requirements (stored on analysis sub page). This includes end users. 
  7. Select the minimal requirements set needed for a first MVP release. Small as possible set that stil has value to the end user. 
  8. Discuss with a developer and create all user stories
  9. Start of low fidelity (text based) UX/UI design
  10. Test design with some users
  11. Adjust requirements if needed
  12. Create fully detailled design & create all user stories 

First alpha of process.

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